Filmen “Slut or nut” visas gratis på Slottsbiografen!

Film och diskussion efteråt är på engelska. Fri entré!

“Required watching in the #MeToo era.” – NOW Magazine.

Amnesty Uppsala Women’s Rights Group is hosting a screening of Slut or Nut: Diary of a Rape Trial, a documentary film that follows Mandi Gray as she grapples with the police, the university administration, and the legal system – all unwilling to take seriously her rape report by a fellow PhD student. After the movie, we will have a group discussion featuring expert speakers.

Slut or Nut: Diary of a Rape Trial – After Mandi Gray was raped by a fellow student at her university, she went to the police expecting them to investigate. Instead, she was told by the officer that she hadn’t been raped and to go home. Upset and angry, Gray decided to protest a system in which only three of every thousand sexual assaults result in a conviction. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, this documentary follows Gray as she bravely fights for justice in a legal system stacked against her and other rape survivors.

OUR SPEAKERS… to be announced shortly.


Movie and discussion in English.